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Wednesday, May 8, 2019

International Watercolour Masters in UK

International Watercolour Masters in UK in 2020

Monday, April 22, 2019

Watercolor workshop in Finland

10-14, June, 2019
Hartola, Finland
at Ita-Hameen opisto
a KONSTANTIN STERKHOV`s 5 days watercolor workshop on landscapes, seascapes, flowers, animals, figure and cityscapes. Everyday 2-3 demos by the instuctor followed by guided practice. Suitable for any level and skill.
Nice food, 4 meals a day, green and picturesc surroundings.
Contact the office Kirsi, email - Kurssit at

 All kinds of subjects to practice...

 2-3 demos by the master Konstantin Sterkhov per day

 Beautiful nature

 Lots of space for each participated artist

 The master`s guidence and a possibility to paint from 9 am till 10 pm

 Old fruit orchad and green surroundings

Historical place
 Lots of works made during the workshop

Do you want to be a part of this? Contact Kurssit at

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Masters Of Watercolor exhibition

It`s a flash back. Last year we organized the second exhibition Masters Of Watercolor in the exhibition hall of the Artists` Union in Saint-Petersburg. There were over 500 artists participating in that show. We had lots of demos and wotkshops and conferences on art topics. People who wanted to attend were quequeing outdoors to get in. Here are some works and some photos from that event.

 Konstantin Sterkhov

 Venue of the Artists` Union

 Some guests and organizers: Sergey Temerev, Keith Hornblower (UK),
Dmitry Volopyansky, Vikrant Shitole (India), a translator, Konstantin Sterkhov

 A venue

 Large scale painting by organizers in four hands:
Elena Bazanova, Konstantin Sterkhov, Sergey Temerev, Konstantin Kuzema

 Alvaro Castagnet (Urugway)

 Sterling Edwards (USA)

 Chien Chung-Wei (Taiwan)

 Michal Jasciewicz (Poland)

 Javid Tabatabaii (Iran)

 Joe F. Dowden (UK)

 La Fe (Tailand)

 Robert Wade (Australia)

 Amit Kapoor (India)

 Chin Li (Taiwan)

 Boonkwang Noncharoen (Tailand)

 Cheng-Khee Chee (USA)

 David Taylor (Australia)

 Huang Huazhao (China)

 Janine Gallizia (France)

 Jayson Yeoh (Malaysia)

 John Yardley (UK)

 Joseph Zbukvic (Australia)

 Laurin McCracken (USA)

 Liu Yi (China)

 Yuko Nagayama (Japan)

 Adisorn Pornsirikarn (Tailand)

 Derek Kingnok (Tailand)

 Pablo Ruben (Spain)

 Tan Suzchiang (Malaysia)

 Ze Ze (Hong Kong)

Grang opening

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

John Yardley - preview from my new book

John Yardley is included as one of the perles in my new book "Masters of Watercolor. All about Plein Air". His article on tonal painting will discover secrets of tonal vision that artist has to have when painting outdoors.

John Yardley

John Yardley

John Yardley

John Yardley

John Yardley

John Yardley

John Yardley