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Sunday, August 31, 2014

All My Books

All my books and Instructional watercolor DVDs published so far are available at

Those are 2 hard cover full colour books with my interviews with top watercolor artists "Masters of Watercolor" featuring Alvaro Castagnet, Joseph Zbukvic, Robert Wade, John Yardley, David Taylor, Ong Kim Seng, Barbara Nechis, Nicholas Simmons, Thomas Schaller, Keiko Tanabe, Stanislaw Zoladz, Ted Nuttal, Cheng-Khee Chee, David Poxon, Samir Mondal, Charles Reid, Lars Lerin, Liu Yi, Zhou Tianyz, Janine Gallizia and many more...

Also 3 of my brochures with 2 hour DVDs with instructional material on watercolor.
1. Seascapes. 2 hrs, 5 different subjects, English/Rus
2. Landscapes. 2 hrs, 5 different subjects, Engl/Rus
3. Portraits. 2 hours, 3 different models, Engl/Rus

Russlania is a Finnish on-line shop where you can order your copies of my books and videos.
Here is the link again

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Source of Inspiration

Alexander Karpan

Bhargavkumar Kulkarni

Chinese Master

Eugen Chisnicean

Eric Michaels

Corneliu Dragan-Targoviste

Hisham Zakir

Javid Tabatabaii

Kristi Grussendorf

Prashant Prabhu

Riaz Samafhan

Riaz Samafhan

Xavier Swolfs

Xavier Swolfs

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Painting in I Quindao International Salon

I am proud and honored to have 3 of my paintings exhibited in The Ist Quindao International Salon in China. The company of the artists there is great - Linda Baker, Kathlene Conover, Janine Gallizia, Ma Baiqi, Atanas Matsoureff, Laurin McCracken, Angus McEvan, Dean Mitchel, Ros Patersson, Ping Long, George Politis, David Poxon, John Salminene, Keiko Tanabe, David Taylor, Frank Webb, Joseph Zbukvic, Zhou Tianya, Stanislaw Zoladz...

Konstantin Sterkhov. Cool Spring. 55x75 cm. 2012

Konstantin Sterkhov. Cleaning Girl. India. 50x34 cm. 2013

Konstantin Sterkhov. Red Dress. 64x44 cm. 2011

Stipes Of Light - step-by-step

K. Sterkhov. Stripes Of Light. 42x55cm. 2014

Monday, June 23, 2014

Book Received

Some artists, I am proud to have in my book!

 Ong Kim Seng (Singapore)

 Barbara Nechis (USA)

Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden)

My New Book Is Available Now!

My new book Masters Of Watercolor - From Classic To Contemporary available now! It includes interviews with TOP watercolor artists of contemporary art:
Elena Bazanova
Stanislaw Zoladz
Ong Kim Seng
Nicholas Simmons
Thomas W Schaller
Victoria Prischedko
Keiko Tanabe
Sergey Temerev
Jeannie McGuire
Ted Nuttall
Eugene Chisnicean
Xavier Swolfs
Barbara Nechis
Shirley Trevena
Mark Mehaffey
Carol Carter
Linda Baker
Iain Stewart
Tony Smibert
Alexander Votsmush
David Poxon
Samir Mondal

Book is bilingual Russian/English. You can order by me or at worldwide.

Here is my interview about the book Masters Of Watercolor - you can switch the English subtitles in youtube.

Switch the English subtitles.

Portrait at the Hotel`s Lobby

The portrait was painted within 1h 20 min together with Yuko Nagayama. The model was Chien Chung Wei`s wife Huan-Xiao. Size 56x38 cm

Konstantin Sterkhov. Quick Portrait of other artists`s wife.

Donated Works Exhibition

After the workshops en plain air in Chonburi and Ayuttaya every participated artist selected 2 of his works created during these days. The process of selection was also spectacular but the exhibition of those paintings was excellent! It was an additional show to the main exposition.

 Chien Chun Wei (Taiwan) and Konstantin Sterkhov (Russia)

 Ong Kim Seng (Singapore)

 Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden)

 Barbara Nechis (USA)

 John Salminen (USA)

 Liu Yi (China)

 Joe Francis Dowden (UK)

 Igor Sava (Italy)

 Keiko Tanabe (USA)

 Yuko Nagayama (Japan)

 Ali Abbas Saed (Pakistan)

 Michal Jasevicz (Poland)

 Stan Miller (USA)

Direk Kingnok (Thailand)

World Watermedia Exhibition Thailand

The Ministry of Culture and Contemporary Art of Thailand invited some leading international artists to participate in watercolor workshops during the opening of the International exhibition in Thailand, 4, June - 12, June, 2014. Here are some photos from the event I would like to share with you.

 China Town in Bangkok, first night

 Stan Miller and John Salminen

 Hotel lobby

 Hotel - really luxurious! 

 Polish-Swedish team - Michal Jasevicz, Stanislaw Zoladz with his wife

 John Salminen in a fishermen village

 Anything for a good view!

 Ali Abbas Saed on a spot

Igor Sava, myself and Direk Kingnok

Myself, painting on a spot, Ayuttaya

 Igor Sava, Yuko Nagayama, Keiko Tanabe and Direk Kingnok

 Keiko Tanabe painting on a spot

 Giant shrim

 Chung Lung Huan and Chin Li, observing the paintings for donation

 Night boat trip

 Our guide Parisa, Joe Dowden, Barbara Nechis and Amit Kapoor

 Another meal.. were so many!

 Chien Chun Wei and Ong Kim Seng 

 Testing a new fruit, I bet I never tested it before!

 Yuko Nagayama and myself with after our portrait session in hotel lobby.

 With Janine Gallizia in a city tuk-tuk

 Selfie in a temple

 The Princess of Watercolor Janine Gallizia`s workshop

 Yuko Nagayama`s workshop

 Thai national artist Adisorn Pornsirikarn`s workshop

Honor Awards - John Salminen, Ong Kim Seng, Stanislaw Zoladz, Liu Yi, Somsak Chowtadapong

With John Salminen

Ong Kim Seng taking part in traditional Thai performance

Interactive panels in Bangkok airport