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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Master-class in Artist Union, St.Petersburg

It`s a shame that I couldn`t post anything for 3 weeks. I faced a problem with Internet Explorer, finally I installed Google Chrome, so I am back.
One of the events happened within this period was an exhibition in Artist Union, St. Petersburg called Zoo-culture. 4 great halls were loaded with graphic and painting works with all kind of animals. My watercolor work that I exposed there called "Love"
K. Sterkhov. Master-class "Swans"
Anyone could come to see master-classes organized during the exhibition. I was one of the artists demonstrating water-color techniques. The topic was "Animals", so I had chosen swans for demonstration.

 K. Sterkhov. Master-class "Swans"
After the demonstration part all the participants had a chance to try all techniques shown there. I was amazed by some of the works despite the young age of the participants.
One of the paintings by young participans of the master-class.

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