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Monday, September 26, 2011

AKVART: a week in aquarium.

Today I have returned from my trip to Helsinki. As I told before I had an exhibition there. The painting were in 2 levels - the ground flour and basement. I should say they were quite random but represented my different periods.

I spent 1 week on my duty in the gallery having a strange feeling that I am in an aquarium. Here is how it looked from outside.

People were quite puzzled when they saw my self-portrait in the window and the next moment myself with a brush in my hand.

Most of the time they saw me painting. During the day I was painting some works for myself and every evening watercolor lovers were coming for a master-class.

All the objects were relatively new. The topics were the same though - seascapes, animals, portraits and a new one - correction of mistakes.

The master-class was taken usually 2 hours which I could use for completing the 4 painting works. The portrait took a bit longer. I could make only 2 portrait demonstrations.

I believe there was a good harvest of apples this year. One of the gallerists was providing us with fresh apples from her garden every day.

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