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Friday, April 27, 2012

India Report

I am back from India. This post is to keep in mind my experience in the country which I feel like a Homeland of my Spirit.

My journey was rather busy with commitments most of them not artistic. I used any possibility to paint nevertheless.

First I completed the aim of my visit - I have delivered my younger daughter to the International Sahaja Public School near Dharamshala. It`s going to be her 3rd year there with 2 breaks in between.

I have talked to Himalayas, told them all my worries, surrendered all problems and commitments to hear the eternal voice of the mountains.

I have vizited the place of Mahasamadhi of my Guru, my Spiritual Mother, Adi Shakti Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and soaked in Devine vibrations. The silence and bliss of that experience will be the pure spring for me for the nearest months.

I have prayed to Shri Ganesha so that He could bless me with wisdom and purity in the Land of Kundalini that is India.

I have enjoyed the beauty and fragrance of flowers well as the pictures of everyday life of simple Indians.

I had a chance to be useful in NGO Ashram where I gave a painting lesson for orphans.

And the last week I spent for clearing my subtle system, balancing my emotions and for meditation in Sahaja Yoga Health center in Noida near Delhi.

I am back and I have tons of ideas and materials to be busy for the next few months. Only two weeks but it seems like another life started.


  1. Hello Konstantin,
    Lovely writeup about your trip to India. Looking forward to lots of paintings from you.

  2. Hi Konstantin looking forward to see your watercolor on Indian landscape.