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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Milind Mulick`s Book

While being in India I used a chance to contact a brilliant Indian watercolor artist Milind Mulick. We had a nice productive talk and also decided to exchange our tutorial products. I have sent my Portrait DVD and got Mr Mulick`s book in return.

It is the best tutorial watercolor book I have seen so far! It was even more interesting for the reason that I am in the process of writing a book series about watercolor painting. The first one is out next month.

Here is some demo video by Milind Mulick. I hope to see him in person this winter if my project with a painting trip with a group of Finnish artists to India succeed.

Milind Mulick demo


  1. Hello Konstantin:) Do you know what Mulick does with the pencil lines in the upper half of the painting in the horizontal line? Does he leave them as they are?

  2. Wow...thats great! Milind sir's book is one of the best! Has inspired so many, including me :)
    Thanks for sharing his video as well...It was a treat :)

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    1. Gracias Kostantin, es uno de los acuarelistas que más veo aparte de tí
      Thanks Konstantin, is one of the videos I like watercolor, I repeat a lot like your videos. thanks

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