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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Ibe Ananaba. Interview.

Your art images are so colorful that the first word coming to the mind is “fun”. What is art for you?

For me 'ART' is everything and anything that is heart-felt. ART is LOVE.

It can come in any form. It's a force. It's organic. It's sporadic. It pokes my inner being and makes me 'uncomfortable'.

By this I mean it sticks on my mind that I see it all the time. It stirs me up and makes me think.

On the flip side it's soothing. It's also therapeutic depending on the situation. I try as much not to 'define' ART because an attempt to do so means to cage it. But I can still go the cliche route by saying ART IS LIFE.

Ibe Ananaba. Heart, Body and Soul 3.

What is the place of watercolor in your art?

Watercolor occupies a huge space in my art at the moment.

It gives me the opportunity to test and build my confidence because of its delicate nature. I try as much to free my mind and let the feeling of its usage come.

Ibe Ananaba. Amen

When do you use the transparent watercolors?

I'm trying hard to understand the term 'transparent watercolor'.

I don't go as much as differentiating transparent watercolors and non-transparent.

However, transparency is one of the major factors that got my interest and lured me into the watercolor romance. I achieve transparency by adding lots of water to the paint and then have a great adventure controlling it so as to get a brilliant result.

Ibe Ananaba. Heart, Body and Soul 1

How did you come to watercolor media?

I came across it by watching a friend and schoolmate of mine- Okechukwu Iwundu as he painted

and it was like magic. That experience can never be forgotten and after that I lost my 'virginity' to watercolor and it has been great.

Ibe Ananaba. Heart, Body and Soul 4

What is the main source of inspiration for you?

God. People. Music. Nature. Jokes. Incidents... my environment.

Do you prefer to paint from life models?

Oh yes!!! Nature is the best teacher.

I usually prefer to start my figure studies from life model or another reference and then I add and eliminate till I hit the gem. There are those little yet vital details that I see while making studies that ordinarily i will not see if i'm doing imaginative work.

Ibe Ananaba. Brave Heart

Do you use your imagination for your colorful world or it is your natural vision?

I use imagination. Again, I start from the natural and I play because I have the liberty.

Is Fine Art appreciated in Nigeria?

It's pretty much at infancy stage in my view.

Economical factors affect art appreciation here in Nigeria but it has great potential based on the time we live in today. Technology has shrunken the world so it provides huge avenue for good awareness that leads to appreciation.

It takes an environment that values creativity to appreciate art. Several things and facilities haven't been available to help desired appreciation we artists would like but we are hopeful.

Ibe Ananaba

What has influenced you as an artists?

Environment. People. Music.. Life

Ibe Ananaba. The Muse

What materials do you use for watercolor painting?

Mainly, flat sable brushes of different sizes and sometimes I'm tempted to use the pointed type for a bit of detail.

I also use Masking Fluid for my highlights.

Watercolor paper (the thicker the better).

Rag or tissue paper.

Bowl of water.

Drawing board.

Ibe Ananaba. Spectator

What are the major sizes of your paintings?

The major size is 15inches x 22 inches Half of a full imperial watercolor paper.

Ibe Ananaba. Undo

Most of your models are smiling. Do you live in a happy world or you
create a happy world?

I make a deliberate attempt to live in both. There are lots of factors here in Nigeria and globally that can drown and drain me so I try as much to flip to the other side because to live I need to aspire. I need to be optimistic. I desire and cherish peace, warmth and joy a lot and love to extend it to people around me through the things i think and scribble. Watching people dialoging with my work and seeing how emotions switch is priceless.

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