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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Watercolor Sale / only 3 days

Not long till we enter 2013. I reviewed the paintings I got at the moment at my studio and made up my mind to get rid of some painting (good ones) to make more space for new ideas and their realization. Here are some painting I suggest could have a new home these days.

 Konstantin Sterkhov. Sea Meets Sky I. 52x72 cm/22x30', 2006
480 $ (before 980)

Konstantin Sterkhov. Stone & Wood. 53x50 cm/ 22x21', 2010
400 $ (before 800)

Konstantin Sterkhov. Love. 52x72 cm / 22x30', 2011
500 $ (before 1100)

Konstantin Sterkhov. Pions. 44x64 cm / 19x27', 2011
400 $ (before 700)

One more good news - the price include shipping!
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