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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

IWS Contest 2012 - TOP 10

1_Liu Yun Sheng. WestChild. 73x54

2_Liu Yi. Inspiration From Ephesus. 90x136

3_Wang Wei. Red. 140x120

4_Alvaro Castagnet. Passion To The End. 75x56

5_Xidan Chen. London Streets. 56x76

6_Sarfiaz Musawir. 26x36

7_Hu Xiao Xing. Family Man Yan Ban. 37x56

8_Jiao Liqiang. Praying. 112x80

9_Tejo Van Den Broeck. Sand and more sand. 56x75

10_Thierry Duval. L'Académie française et la Passerelle des Arts. 80x53

-Robert Wade (Australia), OAM
AWI (LM)., FVAS., FRSA (Lon), PWS (Lon) AWS (USA), KA. (USA), ISMP.(USA), MHSMA.(Mexico) Painter-Teacher-Lecturer
-Prof. Liu Shouxiang (PRC, China) , Deputy Director of Watercolor Art Committee of Chinese Artists Association, Professor and Director of Watercolor Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts
-Prof. Chin-Lung Huang (Taiwan), President of Taiwan International Watercolor Society; Chinese- Asia-Pasific Watercolor Association
-Ong Kim Seng (Singapore), Honorary President of Singapore Watercolor Society
-Takashi Akasaka (Japan), Professional Artist, Member of Japan Watercolor Society
- Stan Miller (USA), Professional Artist, Signature Member of the American Watercolor Society
-Konstantin Sterkhov ( Russian Federation), Art instructor, Member of St.Petersburg and Finnish WS
-Keith Hornblower (Great Britain), Freelance Artist-Illustrator
-Assist. Prof. Syed Ali Abbas Jaffri (Pakistan), Head of the Department of Fine Arts CEAD MUED, Jamshoro
-Samir Mondal (India), Professional Artist
-Anita Bentley (Australia), Professional Artist-Illustrator
-Will Yu (Taiwan), Chief Executive-Taiwan International Watercolor Society
-Javid Tabatabaii (Iran), Professional Artist
-Dario Ortiz Robledo (Colombia), Professional Artist, President of Museo de Arte del Tolima
-Joel Tenzin (France), EWA-European Watercolor Association
-George Politis (Greece), Painter-Teacher, Signature Member of the Amerikan Watercolor Society
-Janine Gallizia (Belgium-France), Professional Artist, Art Director of The Art of Watercolour Magazine
-Angela Barbi (Spain), General Manager of EPC Art Courses
-Orlando Buccino (Uruguay), Freelance Artist-Illustrator
- Sue Dickinson (South Africa), Professional Artist
-Atanur Doğan (Canada-Turkey), Professional Artist, Founder of IWS
-Canip Taşkıran (Turkey), Art Instructor, Vice President of IWS
-Musa Balan (Turkey), Professional Artist, Board Member of IWS
-Orhan Gürel (Turkey), Professional Artist, IWS Ankara
-Burhan Özer (Turkey), ProfessionaI Artist, IWS Istanbul

In my version of TOP 10 would be also

5_Kudalaya Hiremath_Race


7_Zhang Yang-China_WaitFor_90x70

8_Rui Song Qiu_Northland Winter_54x73

9_Zhou Tianya_Tibetan Bride 41x31

10_Pablo Ruben Lopez Sanz_Taxi_Stop_100x100

I am glad that first 3 places I voted were the same by the majority of the Jury Board, also Murfiaz Musawir has even higher rating in my version of top 10. Generally it was extremely hard to drop someone, I had about 40 favorite paintings in that contest, all of them worthy of top 10)