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Monday, May 20, 2013

New Arrival/My Interview Book

New book has arrived! Interview Book "Masters of Watercolor" including interviews with R. Wade, J. Yardley, A. Castagnet, J. Zbukvic, D. Taylor, G. Weixing, C.-K. Chee, Z. Tianya, Liu Yi, A. Matsoureff, J. Gallizia, W. Artin, C. Reid, L. Lerin, P. Lap, K. Kuzema, M. Ginzburg, M. Mulick, M. Toronen, M. Koskiniemi and F. Cembranelli. It contains dozens of painting images. The book is bilingual - Russian/English. Unfortunately it is not easy to get it)


  1. Beautiful book Konstantin, congrats!..

  2. Congratulations, Konstantin! You have done a great job! The book is interesting with different artistic expressions by the watercolourists from different cultures (to be seen in your blog interviews). I look forward to seeing the book!

  3. Great! I Like one!
    Congratulations! I see your blog every day in Tolima Colombia