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Friday, June 14, 2013

International Watercolor Festival: First View

I`ve just come back from the III International Watercolour Festival in Seferihisar, Turkey. I am full of impressions but it will take time to collect them all in one article to review this wonderful event. Just now I would like to share some of the photos shot during the festival. Many faces I am sure will seem very familar to you!))

Muzaffer, Canip Taskiran, Can Berktash, Ahmet Ogras, Anna Ivanova - Turkish and Russian team

Big hug of big Chinese brother Zhou Tianya, China

Hunging up - Pablo Ruben Lopez Sans, Spain

Painting fun en plein air - Anna Ivanova, Larisa Sterkhova, Konstantin Sterkhov, Liu Yi, Ong Kim Seng

"Miss Shanghai 2012" - I prize winner of Shanghai Biennial - Anna Ivanova

Konstantin Sterkhov and Iain Stewart

The winner of the contest of IWS 2012 - Liu Yusheng, China

Talking business... Can Berktash, the president of IWS and Zhou Tianya, organizer of the Shenzhen Biennial 2013

Igor Sava, Italy

Just painted.... Ilya Ibryaev, Moscow

Mr Liu Yi is signing in my book "The Masters of Watercolor"

Examining the IWS Cataloger 2012 - K. Sterkhov, Ong Kim Seng, Liu Yi

Many presented at the Festival artists demonstrated their skills with the audience of 500 people who came to the Festival. Here the demo by Konstantin Sterkhov painting a portrait of Gerda Mertens, Belgium.

To be continued.....
All credits for the photo material goes to Anna Ivanova, Russia.

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  1. That´s great!
    Gracias, Konstantin por compartir estos significativos momentos y felicitaciones por el libro. Ojalá lo viéramos un día por Colombia.