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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Results of the Contest Art Bridge 2014

A brand new website of the St.Petersburg Watercolor Society just has announced the results of ART-BRIDGE-WATERCOLOR-2013 INTERNATIONAL COMPETITION.

The International Jury Board:
Robert Wade (Australia)
Janine Gallizia (France)
Nicholas Simmons (USA)
The Russian Jury Board:
Jury Moudrov
Yury Shevchik
Nina Dyakova
Konstantin Sterkhov
Andrey Korolchouk
Natalia Ozerova
Mikhail Zenkin

1st Prize - Liu Yi "Swan"

2nd Prize - Eugeniy Doubitskiy "Siberia. November"

3rd Prize - Zhou Tianya "Tibetan Bride"

Other categories
First place – Asiya Ganieva  /Russia/  for the picture VILLAGE ACCORDIONIST

First place – Marina Lesova  /Russia/  for the picture FLOWERS

CITYSCAPEFirst place – Iain Stewart  /USA/  for the picture TO BROOKLYN BRIDGE
Second place – Amit Kapoor  /India/  for the picture THE PLATFORM
Third place – Pablo Ruben  /Spain/  for the picture VAPORETTO STOP

First place – Rein Mägar  /Estonia/  for the picture WINTER ON THE LOOBU RIVER
Second place – Anna Sokolova  /Russia/  for the picture FROZEN TIME
Third place – Georgii Ivanov  /Russia/  for the picture A CASCADE OF  KIVACH WATERFALL. KARELIA

First place – Аli Abbas  /Pakistan/  for the picture LAL KI SADAA
Second place – Damien Barbier  /France/  for the picture WINE CELLAR, FRANCE
Third place – Daniel Novotny  /Slovak Republic/  for the picture BEHIND THE CITY WALLS

First place – Marja Koskiniemi  /Finland/  for the picture PURPLE SKY
Second place – Tansu Ozmen  /Turkey/  for the picture DIRTY GARDEN

First place – Thomas W. Schaller  /USA/  for the picture DREAMS OF THE DORDOGNE
Second place – Leysan Pakhmatullina  /Russia/  for the picture DIPTYCH. LOOKING INTO THE SKY. LIST II

First place – Burhan Ozer  /Turkey/  for the picture FISHERMAN BOATS
Second place – Jonathan Kwegyir Aggrey  /Ghana,West Africa/  for the picture ROMANTIC LIGHT

First place – Ada Florek  /Poland/  for the picture RINO
Second place – Mohan Jadhav  /India/  for the picture UNTITLED
Third place – Olga Shayunova  /Russia/  for the picture BABA KATYA

Information about the jury members

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