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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Impressions of Shenzhen Biennial

Great Event! Organized on a very high level. This kind of events bring watercolor medium to new standard in public attitude and in general. 230 artist works selected of 2800 submissions were represented at the show. Many artists from all over the world came personally to see the best of the media in Shenzhen. Here I am sharing some photographs shot at the opening...

K. Sterkhov with his painting.

 with Linda Baker (USA)

 with Keiko Tanabe (Japan/USA)

 with Linda Doll (USA)

 Keiko Tanabe, Laurin McCracken, Linda Baker

 with Ali Abbas Saed (Pakistan)

 with Chin-Lung Huang (Taiwan)

 Stanislaw Zoladz  (Sweden) with his wife

 Curator of the Biennial Zhou Tianya (China)

 Linda Baker (USA)

Pasqualino Fracasso (Italy), Laurin McCracken (USA) and me

 First Prize of the Biennial

 Ali Abbas Saed (Pakistan)

 Alvaro Castagnet (Urugway)

 Brian Stratton (Australia)

 Kathleen Conover (USA)

 Linda Doll (USA)

 Gran Prix of the Biennial


 Keith Hornblower (UK)

 Ilya Ibryaev (Russia)

 Paul Jackson (USA)

 Janine Gallizia (France)

Keiko Tanabe (USA)

 Piet Lap (Holland)

 Atanas Matsoureff (Bulgaria), Mark Mehhaffey (USA)

 Petp Poghosyan (Armenia), Dean Mitchel (USA)

 David Poxon (UK)

 Prafull Sawant (India)

 Thomas W. Schaller (USA)

 David Taylor (Australia)

 Sergey Temerev (Russia)

Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden)


  1. Gracias Konstantin por permitirme la experiencia de conocer a los grandes de la acuarela. Por Ustedes esta técnica gana reconocimiento a nivel mundial. Felicidades en el 2014.

  2. Hi Konstantin,

    Linda Baker sent me your interview of her. I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it and am very glad to know of your site since I found other friends such as Keiko Tanabe (I sometimes frame her work), Mark Mahaffey,Kathy Conover, Linda Doll and others. I too had a piece in the Shenzhen Biennial (next to Janine Gallizia) and appreciate all the photos you took. I was supposed to go with Linda Doll, Linda and Kathy but could not make it so your photos really give a great feeling of what the show looked like.

    Anyway, congratulations of such a great blog site and all the great interviews. Love your work too. I will check in from time to time.

    Ken Goldman