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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Creative World, Frankfurt

New meetings, new agreements, new perspectives...

 Meeting Escoda (Spain)

 New set of signature brushes - David Taylor

 New set of signature brushes - Robert Wade

New set of signature brushes - John Yardley

The Nevskaya Palitra (St.Petersburg) booth - my paints!

Hahnemuhle - watercolor paper from Germany since 1490!

St. Cuthberts Mill (UK) - they make Saunders Waterford! My favorite!

Daniel Smith (USA) - watercolor paints that represented by Zbukvic, Castagnet, Taylor , Stewart and Andersson. Good company, isn`t it?

At my booth, brushes by Roubloff who makes my signature brushes, St.Cuthberts Mill manager is attending my demo.

 K. Sterkhov. Demo on Lilia Holding paper "Palazzo" with White Nights paints.

 K. Sterkhov. Demo on Lilia Holding paper "Palazzo" with Schminke paints.


  1. Where can I buy Roubloff synthetic flat brush

  2. Try to contact Roman Lavrunov,
    Laike tee 1, 75312 Tallin, Estonia
    tel/fax +372 65 66140
    mob. +372 519 70 486

  3. I'm trying to find out how big the brushes are. Can't find it anywhere. There are no measurements in mm, only numbers which doesn't say much… Do you have information on this?