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Thursday, March 27, 2014

IWS Young Artists Contest Results

International Watercolour Society, Turkey has hold a contest for young artists of age before 35 years old. Here I am sharing with you the results. As one of the jurors I am happy that some of the major winners match the same that I have selected.

 1 Place. Li Jia, 26 year old (CHINA). Swim. 52x98 cm

2 Place.Li Chao 24 years old, (CHINA). The Memory Of That Time. 76x110

3 Place Cai Ya Ming, 23years old (CHINA) Thinking Of Tomorrow. 120x80 sm

4 Place. Yang Di Jun, 24 years old (CHINA). The Peace Moment, 100x70sm

5 Place. Lin Chin Che, 27 years old (Taiwan). Memory Lane

6 Place. Lin Wei Xin, 35 years old (Taiwan) Lying Quietly

7 Place. Alexis Le Borgne, 18 years old (France). 61x48 sm

8 Place. Tian Yuan, 27 years old (CHINA) Golden Symphony. 106x75 sm

9 Place. Silvia Cusinato, 35 years old (Italy) New Year Day, 30x40sm

10 Place. Keiran Chang, 20 years old (Taiwan) When Pine Goes Nuts. 20x40 sm

I also would like to announce that International Watercolor Society is represented now in Russia. It is not considered yet who is going to represent the RU-brand of it but it will be shortly...


  1. incredible collection of watercolors!!!
    a young generation of Masters!

  2. Oh 7Place, I didn't knew...!!! Thanks for this Article Konstantin!