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Monday, May 12, 2014

Call For Entries

Call For Entries
This second International Watercolour exhibition welcomes artists from around the world toThessaloniki, Greece, in 2014. The exhibition will showcase an extensive range of different painting styles, methods and approaches. From this open call for entries, 30 artists will be selected to participate alongside major names from the world of watercolour.
Emphasis is given to the quality of works shown; the creativity of artists and versatility of the medium.

Where will the exhibition take place
The exhibition will take place in the Gallery of the Society of Macedonian Studies, Thessaloniki, Greece.

What to submit
Paintings on paper or paper based support using water-soluble media (watercolour, gouache, acrylics…) and executed in a style sympathetic to the idea and techniques of watercolour painting.
Collage is allowed but should not exceed 30% of the surface of the painting.
Artists' original work only, no digital art, photographs, prints or reproductions.
Each artist will present up to two (2) works for the selection.

Size of paintings
The size of the submitted watercolours must be 11x15 inches (around 30x40 cm - quarter watercolour sheet).

Deadline for submission
All entries must be received by May 30th 2014. No submissions will be accepted after that date.

Paintings may be for sale, but this is not a requirement. Commission on sales is set at 20%.

Read more information here:

K. Sterkhov. White Rose. 30x40 cm


  1. i like this post and i created my first watercolor painting

  2. Wonderful rose. Less is more!