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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Very Special.. 2 Masters of Watercolor

Ong Kim Seng: Hi Brother I think I can prove .whether its an Original Z or a fake ! You add in something very personal and original that no one else can imitate ! Even when the painting is hundred years old it can be proven!
Joseph Zbukvic: I remember that spot...we waited for ages for the bus to take us up the mountain ... But we obviously did not mind...we had a great time then 007... Thanks, Z
Chien Chung Wei: Just like two kids never grow up, very peaceful and warm ...

Ong Kim Seng (Singapore) and Joseph Zbukvic (Australia)

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  1. Joseph Zbukvic is brilliant. Check out this Colour In Your Life video where 3 of our Aussies, including Zbukvic, paint one painting together - amazing stuff: They're such characters lol. Enjoy :)