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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Coincidental V

My series Coincidental emerged after my annual trip to The Medieval Fest in Turku, Finland. Some years ago I was sitting at the CafeArt at the river Aura bank. I was sitting with my Capuccino watching the other side of the river and people sitting in a summer cafe. I was facsinated by the effect of stable groups of people at the middle ground and an effect of moving forground when people passing by. Usually it happen the other way round when we have stable objects in front and something blured in the back. I though of it as a good way to break this conditioning and to shift the focus from front to the back. Also I thought that I should cut the front figures to show that they are coincidentally in the frame of the viewer, next moment they would be out of sight...

Konstantin Sterkhov. Coincidental V. 43x74 cm

I used the paper Saunders Waterford, 425 g rough by St.Cuthberts Mill (UK), paints Daniel Smith - my signature palette and my signature brushes Roubloff.

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