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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

My New Book Available Now!

My New Year present for the readers!
New book is available on-line now. It is in the internet shop in Finland called Ruslania. The book is in 2 languages - all texts are in English and Russian. New book contains 24 interviews with artists around the Globe and the new feature is their step-by-step demonstrations.

Read the interviews and tips with:
Yuko Nagayama (Japan)
John Salminen (USA)
Tan Suzchian (Malaysia)
Orhan Gurel (Turkey)
Pablo Ruben (Spain)
Ilya Ibryaev (Russia)
Sterling Edwards (USA)
Ulughbek Mukhamendov (Uzbekistan)
Direk Kingnok (Thailand)
Chien Chung-Wei (Taiwan)
Laurin McCracken (USA)
Linda Doll (USA)
Lok Kerk Hwang (Maylaisia)
Michal Jasiewicz (Poland)
La Fe (Thailand)
Igor Sava (Italy)
Kathleen Conover (USA)
Jasmine Huang Hsiao-Hui (Taiwan)
Endre Penivac (Serbia)
Joe F. Dowden (UK)
Prafull Sawant (India)
Liang Gang (China)
Evgeniy Doubitskiy (Russia)
Angus McEwan (Scotland)

Link to order the book: