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Wednesday, August 24, 2016

My New Video On Demand "Cool Summer"

Dear reader,
you can examine all stages of my new landscape study "Cool Summer".

I have shot 3 videos based on my impressions from the distant island in Finland called Tammio. This is the first one. I will show how to make an illusion of distance, how to mix complicated and balanced greens and how to use various textures with your tools.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Cool Summer. Tammio Island. 26x36 cm (15"x22") 2016

Preview of my new video available on Vimeo now.
First 18 downloads of full version (31 minutes) will get 30 % off with promo code "18colors". See the preview, For the full video go to Vimeo on demand.
I am sure you will learn new tricks and approaches! Enjoy!)

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