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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

New Video On-demand

Dear reader,
I am happy to introduce my new video on-demand in series "Northern Summer. Island Life"
Both videos are over 30 minutes each and contain my comments on the process and nice original music. You will see which paints and brushes I use. Try to paint together with me in real time!
Every video has a trailer that can help you to consider to purchase the full version.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Island Life. Noon Nap. 27x37 cm. 2016

Konstantin Sterkhov. Island Life. Cool Summer. 27x37 cm. 2016

Welcome to download the full version!

1 comment:

  1. I appreciate you website. It is professional, informative and always an event to view. I am a retired architect here in the U.S. and and have returned to my love of painting watercolors. I am a bet rusty, but with time I will be back to my old free-wheeling self again.As an advocation I write and self-publish books on art/science, architecture and other subjects of interest related to my profession and advocation.
    Keep up your excellent work!!!

    Regards, Richard T. Banks