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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Watercolor Workshop in Helsinki

17-19, March, 2017 in Esbo Arbis we are painting Water in Landscape around the year. Join us now! It is my only workshop (in English) near Helsinki this Spring!
Location: Leppävaara, Karatalo
Kotkatie 4, 02620 Espoo

1 comment:

  1. Hi

    I'm a beginner in watercolor and so far have been teaching my self from online sources. I live in Espoo, Finland where you'll be having a workshop next week. I'm not sure if the workshop level would be suitable for me, yet I still thought to ask your opinion, since there hasn't been so many options around me for classes.

    I have worked on color mixing and color value, brush wattness control and playing with all scenarios of wet and dry interactions.

    Would you be able to let me know weather it make sense for me to attend this masterclass? Also if you know of other sources in Helsinki and Espoo area, or quality online material, It would be very helpful for me.

    Many Thanks,