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Friday, June 30, 2017

Watercolor workshop in Italy

Hi guys! There are still a couple of sits for my workshop in Italy in beautiful Fabriano!
The topics are extremely spectacular - CATS, ROSES and PORTRAITS.
3 days of getting to know ALL effective aproaches in painting these themes.
Contact Anna Massinissa

 K.Sterkhov. Duo. 35x53 cm, 2017

K. Sterkhov. After breakfast. 35x53 cm. 2017


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  4. I enjoy your painting very much! Do you think you will ever offer a watercolour course online for those of us who cannot travel? Or an instructional book in English?

    1. Hi, thanks for appreciation! Actually I got a lot of instructional material in English and also 3 videos on demand on Vimeo. Check out if you are interested) Cheers, Konstantin

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