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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to Paint a Cat in Watercolor

In 2 weeks I have an intention to represent my new educational DVD. The topic is "Animals". One of 6 video lessons on DVD is about how to paint fur of a cat. Here is that lesson briefly.


  • I am using a pallete limited to earth colors (burnt umber, raw umber, sepia, black), except for blue eyes.
  • I am first painting in wet and adding dry brush in the end for the texture.
  • The eyes of the cat I am keeping dry and white while first washing.
  • First washes are of warm colors in wet, then are coming darker and cooller in wet.
  • I am focusing on the muzzle, the rest is not important.
There might be different tips for a different case, but I am sure they will be helpfull.


  1. Thank you for a preview of your dvd. Enjoyed it very much and appreciate your tips. I'm a fan of your work and look forward to seeing more.

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