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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Seascape in Watercolor - 10 Mistakes

I recomend a Seascape as a subject to understand thoroughly the watercolor medium. It is not important if you didn`t paint with watercolor before. There are tricks to help you in mastering the watercolor technique. Even if you are experienced in watercolor, even then Seascape is the best training.
K. Sterkhov. Sea Meets Sky II. 56x76 cm, 2006

10 mistakes of the beginners in Watercolor Seascape:
  • Usement of a too small brush. It does`t let one make big washes and keep the paper wet.
  • The line of horizon devides the composition in two equal parts or the line of horizon is not straight or horizontal.
  • Not enough water for the first wash. Too small container for water or it has too narrow top.
  • Dull color. If you apply a cool color, it requires a supportive warm shade.
  • Trying to repaint the background or, to change something in it when it starts drying.
  • Applying several brush stokes at the same place one after another. You should`t controll everything by yourself, depend more upon water.
  • Trying to continue painting the sky when you have painted the foreground.
  • Lack of transparency in dark areas.
  • Trying to make a very completed work.
  • Equally approached the foreground and the background.

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