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Thursday, April 14, 2011

"Akvarellcenter" - Art Gallery from Sweden

Maria Ginsburg is an aquarellist, a participant of numerous exhibitions, the author of 6 books on watercolor painting in Swedish printed in over 200 000 copies by the “Semic” publishing house.

Maria Ginsburg. Landscape.

I was net surfing for some watercolor art and coincidentally found the site representing her works. I was very impressed. Then I also discovered that she teaches art in an Art Gallery in Stockholm.

Maria Ginsburg. Winter Landscape.

The “Akvarellcenter” is an Art Gallery and a place for watercolor courses. It was found in 2003. The aim of the gallery is to represent the art of the best world aquarellists to the Swedish audience. The exhibitions are arranged 2-3 times a year. Usually they are being opened by Council of the country where the artist comes from. There have been exhibitions and art courses by the artists from US, Australia, India, Belgium, France, UK, Latvia, Italy and Sweden (amang them Milind Mulik and David Taylor). In the nearest future there are planned the exhibitions and courses by artists from Austria, Lithuania, Spain and India.

There are also summer courses held in the “Akvarellcenter” in Dalarna, 190 km from Stockholm in a beautiful place near the lake. All the teachers from different countries will have an opportunity to have an exhibition before and while teaching. I am one of the artist invited to teach on 18-22, August. The topic is Portrait painting and Animals painting.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Girl With A Cat. 30x40 cm

Welcome to the course! Contact the “Akvarellcenter” for details.

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  1. Thank you for sharing your discoveries.
    The face of the little girl is wonderful, beautiful blend of precision and suggestion.