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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Dog Painting in Watercolor - 7 Steps

Combination of wet and dry approach - it is very easy! A watercolor dog portrait from my new tutorial video.
Konstantin Sterkhov. Gray Dog. 25x35 cm

1. Wash the whole sheet with thin burnt umber mixture.
2. Wash the gray mass of the dog in wet.
3. Modelling the shapes with darker gray in wet.
4. Lifting up the high lights while the painting is still wet.
5. Dry up all with a hairdryer.
6. Final modelling with dry brush.
7. Details with dry brush.

That`s it briefly. The whole painting takes about 20 min. Video in DVD will provide the details.
Also it will be one of the topics in my course in Akvarellcenter, Sweden in August, 18-22,
contact Akvarellcenter)


  1. Konstantin, your posting encouraged me to try my hand at painting my dog. I have been making sketches of it lately but didn't dare to try it in watercolors until I saw your beautiful painting and the how-to list. The list makes it seem too easy, and I guess I had luck. Thank you for the inspiration!

  2. Thank you, Blaga,
    you will succeed!