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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Carol Carter`s Rainbow

Here is an interview with an american artist Carol Carter. When I first saw her works I was shocked how different is her color perception from my ideas about the color. I live in the North, we generally have not so much sun light. Carol seems to transform the sun of Florida into the pure painting - all colors of the rainbow radiate from her watercolors and acrils.

Carol Carter. Google Me. 22`x30`. 2007

I am surprised to have a very dualistic impression of tension and peace at the same time. Water has a soothing, chilling effect, but your colors seem to explode all little parts and parcels of the rainbow.  In what state you find yourself while working? 
I am usually just focused on painting.  I don't really have a state-of-mind when I paint.  Painting generally takes me to a different place from my daily life -- by the end of time in the studio.  There is tension in my work -- but more a formalistic one.

Carol Carter. Rainbow I. 30`x22`. 2007
How did you start painting, what made you choose watercolor? 
I chose watercolor early in my career because it was the only painting medium offered at my college.  I didn't learn acrylic [opaque medium] until I entered graduate school.

Carol Carter. Palm Dyptich. 30`x40`.2009

Do you paint more on location or in studio? 
I used to paint plein-air for the first 7 years of my career.  Now I only work in the studio.

Carol Carter. Calla. 2010

It seems that you find the inspiration subjects all around you as you live in Florida. Is it so or you look for inspiration in some other places? 
Yes I do.  I did a recent exhibition on Tuscany in ITALY.  I have painting Napa Valley, CA, Savannah, GA, and most currently the EVERGLADES in FLORIDA, HAWAII, and VIRGIN ISLANDS.  I am teaching in FRANCE this summer and hope to return with a mountain of new imagery.

Carol Carter. Colossal Spring. 40`x50`. 2007

How do you work on your painting? Do you make sketches, photos or store the impressions in your memory? 
I work from photographs and sketches.  I always sketch something first on my canvas or paper.

Carol Carter. Glads I. 2010

What comes first: an idea or a subject, that inspire you? 
I think the idea comes first to inspire me.  I wanted to paint "romantic Italy" -- so I traveled to Italy to gather subject matter.  I didn't know what I would paint from my trip-- but it ended up being landscape, bicycles, facades, sunsets, trees, cemeteries, and so forth.

Carol Carter

Some of your watercolor paintings look like painting on silk. Did you always paint with watercolor on paper or you happened to try some other techniques? 
I have only painting on silk one or two time.  Most of my watercolors are painting on ARCHES 300 lb cold press paper.

Carol Carter. Slough. 2010

Do you work with different models or you have favorite ones? Do you always paint female models for some aesthetical reason? 
I work with different models.  Frequently I am the model.  I paint the female because it is a great way for me to present visually the feminine psyche in life.  I try to project, portray, and visualize the world as I move through it as a female, wife, mother, artist.
Carol Carter. What`s That? 30x40. 2008

What is the main point to put attention on when you teach watercolor painting? 
Use a lot of water, keep your materials, clean, paint flat, let the watercolor be watercolor, and paint every day.  Use pure color!

Carol Carter. Metamorphoses.30`x40`.2009

You have so much water in your painting. I want to ask if you have any real thirst for something in your life? 
I have a thirst for connection with people, with ideas, with others.  I love to paint -- because it is a universal language and brings me closer to people.  I am always thrilled and honored when someone takes a look at my art-- and feels a kinship with the message.   I feel so blessed to be an artist.

Carol Carter. Underwater. 22x30.2009
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  1. Thank you for this post! I recently discovered Carol's work and appreciate it so much! I love her technique.

  2. Love Carol"s painting and her color use. She has a unique creative approach with watercolor not seen since Georgia O'Keefe. Feminine and flourishing are two words that I think of when viewing her art.