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Friday, October 28, 2011

Atanas Matsoureff

For those who addicted to Andrew Wyeth`s aesthetics I got a good news. A watercolor artist from Bulgaria Atanas Matsoureff came up very close to Wyeth ideas. His works combine very high drawing and painting skills with romanticism of daily seeing objects.

   Atanas Matsoureff. Wisdom. 43x48cm, 2011

"Watercolour is a painting technique which offers an infinite scope of possibilities for artistic expression, highly demanding on the part of the artist concentration combined with passion." - said Atanas.

Atanas Matsoureff. Dreams. 50x66cm, 2008

"The beauty of watercolour painting lies in the white of the paper, the lightness, the movement, the transparency, the vibrant colours. I paint from nature and I bow before the beauty and the forces of the Nature and the simple, ordinary things around us. I try to catch the spirit of each material and to touch the thing beyond reality" Atanas Matsoureff

Atanas Matsoureff. For The Winter. 47x64, 2011

1975 - Born in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria.
1994 - Graduated from the woodcarving class in his native town.
1996 - Moved to live in Sofia.
1998 - Discovered water colours as a means of expression.
 2004 - Member of the Union of Bulgarian Artists
(affiliated to the International Association of Art IAA, UNESCO).
Works of the artist are owned by private collections in Bulgaria,
Hungary,Russia,Germany and USA.


  1. Your blog is wonderful. As a modest amateur draughtsman and watercolorist, I am glad to have come across such a wealth of beautiful pieces of art, and such an inspiring source of information.
    Congratulations and many thanks
    You are welcome to visit the blog where I post my sketches:

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