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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Konstantin Kuzema

Outstanting watercolorists from Saint-Petersburg Konstantin Kuzema is having an exhibition at the "Molbert Gallery" on 8 - 20th of November. With those who is far away from Russia I will try to share some of his works on my blog. The topic of this selection is "Eine Kleine Nachtmusic" - so the artist himself called his series.

K. Kuzema. Evening Mood. 56x76 cm, 2008

K. Kuzema. Capella`s Yards. 56x76, 2004

K. Kuzema. Isaak Cathedral at Night, 56x76, 2005

K. Kuzema. Kazan Cathedral. 56x76, 2009

K. Kuzema. Evening Light, 56x76, 2005

You can see the works in bigger size here

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