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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

AKVART Gallery, Helsinki, 30.11, 4.12 и 5.12.2010

Looking back in 2010.

I admire the Finns` enthusiasm to Arts and all kinds of activities after they retire. In Russia when people grow old they are sitting home, watching TV or, when they are active enough, working in their summer houses planting something. In Finland they all seem to cannot wait to retire from their jobs to devote themselves to art, sport or some other interests. Most of the art courses` and exhibitions` visitors are quite matured people.

I had a chance to demonstrate during exhibition in watercolor gallery AKVART. I have been a member of Finnish Watercolor society for 2 years. The Society has this gallery to exhibit the watercolor painting.
I suggested that a master-class during the exhibition might be an additional atraction.

I was demonstrating for 3 days. The 1st day - soft & sharp in watercolor. I have painted 7 works to show the wet and dry approach. Most of the themes were easy enough even for beginners.

The 2nd day was dedicated to color. I was showing how to paint seasons landscapes using minimum of colors.
The 3rd day`s topic was texture. I took many different objects as flowers, animals, landscape details to show various textures in watercolor.

I felt quite satisfied with the demonstration. The audience was very greatful. Someone told me that one saw at my master-class more than at all master-classes had been attended before.

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