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Sunday, January 30, 2011

First Snow / winter landscape 1

The main points of the lesson:
  1. We are starting from the background, moving to forground.
  2. We are keeping white paper in the highlights.
  3. We are painting all at once, don`t repeat your brush stokes twice at the same place.
  4. We are using the variety of brushes - from broad flat bristle brush to very thin  round sable brush.

So, lets start…

Wash the background with light ochre keeping white dry paper in highlights.

Mix cobalt blue with raw umber for the distant forest. Paint it in wet with a broad brush.

Wash the forest in the foreground in wet with the same mix adding some sepia.

    Wash the snow in foreground with blue with horizontal strokes keeping white areas where the sunlight is.

Take a round calligraphic chinese brush for the brunches. You can mix burnt umber or sepia with cobalt blue or ultramarine.

Take a small round sable brush for the thinner brunches in the forground.

Add some details with the same brush.

And now some video:

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