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Monday, January 31, 2011

How To Create Transparency

Here are some of my old paintings. I`d like to share some tricks of technique.

K. Sterkhov. Fog. 20x30cm. 2006

First I have painted the entire background. It all had been painted in wet. Then I dryed it up. The foreground boat had been painted all at once on a dry surface. When the boat was still wet I droped some water into it. The water pushed the pigment to the sides and made it look transparent.

K. Sterkhov. Towards The Light. 15x30 cm. 2009

Here is the same principle. The whole thing is painted at once, ala prima. Then a few very transparent horizontal strokes on the water surface. Then drying up. And the seagulls in the end. I used the same trick as for the boat to make look them transparent.

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