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Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Figures sketching watercolor course

 Our marathon on sketching figures in watercolor just started! You still can join it this week. Watch a free demo on my Instagram Sterkhovart IGTV

Konstantin Sterkhov. Sketching of Igor and Ekaterina Sava in Bangkok

Konstantin Sterkhov. Sketching without pencil drawing

Here you can register for Sketching Marathon Those are the subjects of my lessons:

Konstantin Sterkhov. Conversation

Konstantin Sterkhov. Sketching themes

Konstantin Sterkhov. Sketching without a pencil drawing

We can paint those subjects together here:

Figure Sketching

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

New Art Brushes by Roubloff

After a long testing finally we have a revolutionary art brushes by Roubloff. There are 4 types of hair in a new AQUA series. My favourite are black (synthetic squirell) and white (super synthetic absorbing a lot of water). Here are some of these new brushes with my sketch book.

 Roubloff brushes from AQUA series

  Roubloff brushes from AQUA series

  Roubloff brushes from AQUA series

 Roubloff brushes from AQUA series

Konstantin Sterkhov Erarta museum

ZONE 18 - GO WITH THE FLOW - a global watercolour conversation

ZONE 10 - GO WITH THE FLOW - a global watercolour conversation

ZONE 02 - GO WITH THE FLOW - a global watercolour conversation

Konstantin Sterkhov for Fabriano in Acquarello 2020

Yutaka Murakami

Absolutely stunning watercolor cats! Artist from Japan Yutaka Murakami! By the way I am writing a book on how to paint cats and some of his paintings are going to be included together with some other artists masterpieces depicting cats!

Thursday, May 21, 2020

A message from Mary Whyte

A Personal Message from Mary Whyte during pandemia

Mary Whyte

In these days of quarantine my datebook has been erased clean, which for many artists can be a welcomed oasis. Meanwhile, the lengthening daylight hours offer more time in the studio, where I have started a self portrait and am drawing up from memory small watercolors like “Calling.” With so much less on the agenda, I have made many new discoveries such as the pleasures of unhurried cooking, film noir, and timeless literature such as Dostoevsky’s The Brothers Karamazov.

Mary Whyte

In all of this, I hope that you, too, will find small moments of discovery and wonder.
Mary Whyte

Mary Whyte

Monday, April 27, 2020

Zhan Yun (China) - young architect-watercolorist

Zhan Yun (China)

I just found this young architect on Insta! Great works. Enjoy!

Zhan Yun (China)

"As an architect with ten-year working experience, I love architectural design and the city where I’m living, embedding in mind the dream of painting as all the other architects.

In 2016, I accidentally read online an article about a famous watercolor master and his work. Attracted by the medium deeply, I have been studying and painting watercolor since then."

Zhan Yun (China)

"Watercolor now being an indispensable part in my life, I always paint what I see and think with it when travelling, or feeling bored on the train for business trip, or seeking relaxation out of exhaustion after whole-day work. I will keep painting with continuous exploration and improvement."

Education Background: Master of Science in Architecture,
College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University
Current Company: East China Architectural Design & Research Istitute Co., Ltd.

Art Experience:

"One night in Suzhou",  Shanghai Watercolor Painting Exhibition 2019
"Lantern", The First Austrlian International watercolor Exhibition 2019 Third place
"Sunset in Anhui", Participated in the 2019 Malaysia Online Juried All Medium Competition
"Sunshine in the afternoon", Accepted for MOWS 2020 International Exhibition
"Sunshine", Accepted for the AWS 153th Annual Exibition
"The coutyard", Accepted for 2020 SWA International Exbition
Zhan Yun (China)

I’m a life-loving person, and probably due to being an architect, I always prefer to choose the themes of architecture, humanity or landscape to paint. City in rain, alley in twilight, village under sunshine, and historic houses etc. are the scenes I love, easily triggering my motion to express my feelings on paper with watercolor.
I’m used to making the paper be soaked entirely by enough water, and the rough paper of 300g/㎡ that I usually choose to paint is thick enough to remain flat.
I always draft roughly the outline or the key parts of the objects with 2B pencil to avoid getting myself bound by too many details to express freely with watercolor.
After setting the tones of the whole painting and creating the bright-and-dark relationship, I usually make some further adjustments when the paper is wet, and start painting the details when the paper is moist. I won’t finish the work until the details of the focus part are attractive enough.
And in my view, the authentic attractiveness of the watercolor to me is the uncertainty of the wet-on-wet brushworks and the fusion of the pigments on the wet paper.