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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The NWS 93rd Annual Open Exhibition entry deadline

Global work in the aquarelle medium is so diverse and exciting , and i hope it will only be the beginning of a new international exchange and global exposure.
The NWS 93rd Annual Open Exhibition entry deadline is July 27th. The entry is easy and hassle free. Images from all over the world are uploading ever hour. Details are online at or place inquiries at

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stanislaw Zoladz. Interview

Born in Poland And living in Sweden watercolor artist Stanislaw Zoladz just have been featured on the cover of The Art Of Watercolour Magazine. I had I chance to meet the artist personally at his studio in Nacka, Stockholm.

Did you always paint with water-colours?
Already as a child, I started painting with water-colours. Then, during my senior school years and later at the Academy of Art , I also added the techniques of painting with oil and gouache. Yet, the water-painting always remained a constant during my training years and as time passed, the water-painting became the dominant technique in my artistic work.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Your paintings are so precise that it gives an impression of total control. Do you attempt to take full control over the water?
I always strive to achieve a certain control over my water-colour painting. This is rarely possible and therefore, I strive to minimize my mistakes.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Your paintings are quite big. Do you paint more in studio or on location?
I work both in studio and on location. On location, I work with smaller sizes (up to 38 x 56 cm) and in the studio with the bigger sizes.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Your paintings resemble the works of Anders Zorn. Do you find inspiration in the old masters’ heritage or in nature alone?
Nature always was and still is an important source of inspiration to me. Many artists have inspired me and, among them, Anders Zorn and his skilful technique when painting water.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Is your style appreciated in Sweden? I heard that it is more up to date with experimental and abstract painting there?
Both in Sweden and in other Nordic countries, I have noted an increasing interest for water-colour painting.

Stanislaw Zoladz in plain air

How long does it take to work on one painting? Can you work on a few paintings at the same time?
The smaller sizes are finished in one painting session and the bigger ones need more time. I only work on and with one painting at a time.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Do you use masking fluid or opaque paints?
Yes, I use masking fluid but with great restriction. As to opaque white, I use it when painting to obtain specific effects, such as water surface e.g.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Do you paint every day?
Yes, I do.

Stanislaw Zoladz

I saw your paintings live. You seem to use a very wide range of colours. What is your “must to have” in colours which you couldn’t do without? What is your favourite brand?
My favourite brand is W & N and Russian Sankt Petersburg. My “must to have” is ultramarine, raw umber and alizarin crimson.

Stanislaw Zoladz

What brushes do you use?
I use da Vinci brushes.

What is your paper choice?
I use Arches 300 gr and 640 gr.

Stanislaw Zoladz

If you fail with a painting would you correct it or does it rather go to the garbage?
If a mistake cannot be corrected, I put it aside and start up anew.

Stanislaw Zoladz

Do you teach to paint with water-colours?
I did previously but not anymore.

Stanislaw Zoladz

What are the most important rules for a water-colour artist?
Sketching, learning how to mix colour nuances and painting every day.

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