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Monday, June 4, 2012

John Yardley. Interview.

John Yardley does not need an introduction for watercolor lovers. An interview that I got 2 days ago.

Did you come to watercolor or watercolor came to you?
Watercolour came to me - I saw a friend painting and was attracted.

John Yardley

What is your relationship with the watercolor media – love, hate, struggle, romance, co-operation, synergy, ect….? 
Great affection for the medium - it has its own particular attraction.

John Yardley. Moored Boats Waterfront Le Coitart. 14x20"

Your style is very recognizable of many watercolor artists. How did you come to it? 
Style gradually developed - no conscious effort to adopt a style.

John Yardley. Paddington Station. 14x20"

Who of the masters of the past and present had the most influence on watercolor media? 
Edward Seago & Edward wesson first inspirations.

John Yardley. My New Shoes. 15x11"

Do you plan when you paint?
I paint something most days.

How often are you satisfied with your painting? 
Satisfied to a certain extent quite frequently!

John Yardley. The Waterfront Manzaelokk. Malta. 14x20"

Do you look for the inspiring objects or it just happens that you find something to paint?
Best when the subject just appears.

What size of paper is the most comfortable for you? 
Most comfortable with half imperial (half sheet)

John Yardley

What are your “must” colours those you run out the first?
Must colours I suppose - French ult. Burnt umber, raw sienna.

What brushes variety do you use?
Best quality pure sable brushes.

John Yardley

Do you have your favorite paper? 
Arches 300 gramme rough.

John Yardley. Flowers in a Glass Vase. Light & Dark. 14x20"

What are the main “don`t” in watercolor?
Don't keep fiddling - leave painting alone when you think it is finished.

John Yardley

What do you think of usage opaque white in watercolor? 
Should watercolor be strictly transparent? I use a little gouache when convenient.

John Yardley

What is of more importance for you – the process or the result?
When painting for a living the result has to be important.


  1. Congratulations on this interview. John Yardley is one of my prefered contemporary watercolourist. He gave precise answers to your questions that were quite well put forward. I have a few books about him, to which your post is a useful additional piece

  2. Son les aquarel.les mes netes i expresives que mai he vist

  3. Great interview ! I love his painting style!

  4. Superb painter - I feel very fortunate to now have 3 of his paintings!

  5. Thank you! I really like the strong simple compositions and strong contrasts of light! Makes for bold paintings!

  6. Great artist. I love his style.

  7. Super post about a fantastic artist. Thank you