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Monday, April 20, 2015

Yesterday Workshop Seascapes

Yesterday workshop in studio Mad Hare (St.Petersburg) was very fruitful. We painted 5 half-sheet works with participants. The topic was Seascapes. We took such subjects as yachts, piers, seagulls, sunsets, water reflections... Here are 3 of my demo works...

You can purchase my DVD with seascape demonstrations here:

1 DVD includes 5 subjects demos about 2 hours.

 Konstantin Sterkhov. Seagulls In Twilight. 36x54 cm

 Konstantin Sterkhov. Chasing The Wind. 36x54 cm

Konstantin Sterkhov. Low Sun. 36x54 cm

Hope For Tomorrow - Demo Step By Step

Hello guys, havn`t been here for ages! Here I am sharing my latest painting step-by-step. I was attracted by magic light effect that picked a young girl from the darkness of a room. The paper was Saunders Waterford, 425 rough hight white, paints by Daniel Smith as followers:
Raw Sienna, 
Quinacridone Gold,
Pyrrol Scarlet,
Pyrrol Orange,
Yellow Ochre,
Sedona Genuine,
Burnt Umber,
Tiger`s Eye Gen.,
French Ultramarine,
Verditer Blue,
Rose Of Ultramarine,

 1. Masking Fluid and light underpainting.

2. Adding darker ton to have full range of tonal values.

 3. Removing masking fluid after drying. Working on focus area.

4. Defining darker darks and details.

There is another step-by-step demo posted on the site of Daniel Smith: