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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

David Taylor. Interview.

One of my favorite painters, watercolor artists from Australia, David Taylor answered my questions for you.
You started your art journey with etching and engraving. How did you come to watercolor medium which is so different from graphic art required discipline and exactness?
My Passion for Painting Started in my Youth. I would sketch events an subjects around me I helped other Students at School also. I developed and studied and worked at my watercolour Technique while in the Trade of Etching I had a great Knowledge of Colour and Brush handling Skills through the etching background.

David Taylor. Catching.The.Morning.Light.38x22

What is in your opinion the importance of the drawing in watercolor painting?
Drawing Skills are important. An artist needs to understand the structure and bones of the subject, before finishing his or her masterpiece.

David Taylor. Barges Pinnmill. UK

I watched some of your art video extracts. You demonstrate there how you draw a lot of sketches on the spot. I saw your works with people, crowds, cars, ect those are usually constantly moving. Do you prefer to use your life drawings or photo to create your compositions?
When Drawing from Life, I use the Contour Drawing method, keeping pencil on paper to move Quickly this is necessary for spontaneity. I spend a lot of time viewing the best angles of subject matter that appeals sometimes rearranging to make better compositions .

David Taylor. Evening Shower. Armadale.

How often do you finish the painting right on location?
I like to start and finish a painting on site while the feeling is still with me. Spontaneity is a major Factor here.

How do you choose the size of the painting? What is your favorite size?
Working Outdoors it is comfortable working a Quarter or half Imperial Size as it handles well in the  conditions. Larger works I do in Studio often from Works done outdoors one must Choose carefully for larger pieces. I Like working all sizes both large and small.

David Taylor. Quite Moments. 42x33

You have a great teaching experience. How does the audience affect the process of painting while you demonstrate?
My answer is If you have a great love and Passion for The medium you have a choice to share that. I am totally absorbed in my subject when I am demonstrating and will speak me inner thoughts to those around me. People and Noise and even heavy weather conditions fade as total concentration will block out outside thought pattens.

David Taylor. Prague In Autumn.

Had your style been changing during your painting career?
My painting Has changed from early days, and continues to do so the next painting not started may be that special piece of magic iI have been looking for. When you know a medium well you take more risks and not be scared of it.

David Taylor. East Coast. Tasmania.

What is your preferences in watercolor paper? What brushes do you use – natural or synthetic, flat or round, ect?
Watercolkour Paper plays a big part in Results Hand Made Rag Paper ,Like Arche in various weights Usually rough or medium, Saunders Waterford, are good reliable papers, but there are many others that perform well. My advice is spend time looking for good Quality paper I use a variety of brushes - Pure Sable, Kolinsky, Flat Sable, Rigger Brushes and Daggar brushes.

David Taylor. Following The Shade. InVenice.

Do you have a color theory that you use in your work?
Colour Plays a Part in Painting . Light is very important as is the value , A good knowledge of the percentage of the primary colours mixing together to make the desired final result . Colour changes like the day itself .

What is in your opinion better attitude for artist`s development – competition or co-operation with other fellow-artists?
The best Advice is to love the creative process of this medium and enjoying the beauty and results. Share your love of it to help others and keep the passion smouldering

David Taylor. Lighter Moments. Venice. 24x36

Can you give some tips to young watercolor artists: what to pay attention to in mastering watercolor technique?
The tip to master this wonderful medium is to Persevere with the works that failed , keep working at improving and honing skills , Look for change and always work hard on the weakest areas. Understand the beauty of nature , and work with it not against it. Never give in to weak moments , keep trying , allow the medium to work itself .

David Taylor. Quite Time. Essex. 55x37

Why in your opinion Australia is the country where come so many outstanding watercolor artists?
The light in Australia is bright and the weather pattens vary so much I think we have a great variety in the landscape and combined with seasonal change that sometimes very quickly provides great opportunity for watercolourists and there has been a solid connection of influence that has been noticed and passed on from the early part of the century until this day.


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  3. David is one of the watercolor artists I admire so much. Thanks for sharing his interview with us :)

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    1. I didn't mean to remove my comment... David Taylor is one of my favorite artists. He achieves such strikingly beautiful colors and does it so spontaneously.

  5. Thought this was very interesting to read. Thanks for enlightening us about his work. Spent all day reading about him!

  6. Konstantin, I am an American artist working who has been very influenced by the work of Brit and Aussy painters. Thanks so much for your great contribution!

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