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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Cats Duo

One of the painting from my recent demonstration in Finland.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Duo. 36x53 cm

A painting from a new DVD. Available for purchase.

5 animals demo videos +  2 bonuses available on DVD 
(PAL system, not working on DVD-player in US and latest Mac)
Objects: cat, dog (2), fish, swan, horse (2),
To purchase write to my e-mail
1 DVD - 39 euro (50 US $), 1 h 47 m, 5+2 video with comments and highlights.
My English might sound broken for English speaking people)

The Very Fresh Castagnet!

A newest work by Alvaro Castagnet from the FB. He posted it yesterday with a comment that it was just painted before. So here is the freshest Castagnet for you!

 Alvaro Castagnet. Port Montevideo. Pained 26.09.2011

And another his work from today, mentioned that it was only blue and burnt sienna used for it.

Alvaro Castagnet. Venice.

Belgian Certificate

Finally I`ve got the certificate from the International Watercolor exhibition in Antwerpen which took place the last year. I was one of 5 artists representing Finland. It was really inspiring to see the catalogue and all the stunning watercolor works there!

I only wonder why the certificate is not signed...

There are a lot of great artists in the catalogue. I am going to google them and, perhaps some will be here on my blog.

Monday, September 26, 2011

AKVART: a week in aquarium.

Today I have returned from my trip to Helsinki. As I told before I had an exhibition there. The painting were in 2 levels - the ground flour and basement. I should say they were quite random but represented my different periods.

I spent 1 week on my duty in the gallery having a strange feeling that I am in an aquarium. Here is how it looked from outside.

People were quite puzzled when they saw my self-portrait in the window and the next moment myself with a brush in my hand.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Master-classes 21 - 24 of Sept. 2011, Helsinki. Welcome!

Everyone who finds oneself near Helsinki next week is most welcome to attend my watercolor demonstration in AKVART galleria,  at Humalistonkatu 1, Helsinki.

Here is the program of master-classes:

21.09 - water, reflection, boats, sailing
22.09 - correction of mistakes in watercolor
23.09 - animals, fur, texture
24.09 - human, portrait, figure, skin

All subjects are new.
Demonstration is from 16.00 till 18.00

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Snaggy Dog demonstration

Short extract from my video demonstration. Enjoy!) Thanks to my Finnish friend Tuomas Kaila for a beautiful sound track for this video.

K. Sterkhov. Dog painting demonstration.

Finally I have updated my site
Most of the information you can find there can be trusted now))

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nicholas Simmons

It is not a new name for those who are interested in watercolor. Mr. Simmons’ paintings have been featured in a variety of publications, and on Maryland Public Television. 

Nicholas Simmons. La Vida Breve.  150x75 cm

In 2008 his DVD Innovative Watermedia was released by Creative Catalyst Productions. He is sponsored by Da Vinci Paint. Awards include top prize at the 2007 National Watercolor Society, consecutive gold medals at the Pennsylvania Watercolor Society, 2008-2009, and the gold medal at the Texas Watercolor Society in 2010. The artist exhibits internationally with major watermedia stars, and was the only judge representing the Americas at the Shanghai Zhujiajiao International Watercolour Biennial Exhibition in 2010, the world‘s largest watercolor exhibition. Nicholas is one of six painters in the newly-formed North American Watercolor Artists group, which will represent the United States in various international exhibitions.

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Memories Collection

13 - 25. 09. 2011
in AKVART galleria
Humalistonkatu 1, 00250 Helsinki
and their 10 years of art relationship "teacher-student"

Memories in painting - big and small, new and old, sharp and soft - all exposed for you.
Welcome to the exhibition!

Ibe Ananaba

Very interesting! Free and inspiring! African art.

Ibe Ananaba.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Italian Key

This was the main artistic impression of Italy. We were lucky to be at the presentation of the new movie "The Italian Key" arranged in a neibough vilage to Cabella Ligure.

It was in the open air. There was everything - the red carpet, stars in the sky and on the stage, lots of creative people from many countries.

The film is, one may say, a fairytale about a girl, her misterious family story and finding love. The caracters are beautiful, cinematography is wonderful, music is marvelous!

Still from "The Italian Key"
Some of the music was performed live after the film - Nicki Wells is gorgeus! - upcoming star! Its a song that is most remembered. The music score is amazing! The film won in Moondance Festival this year for its music.

Swedish Inspiration

I just came back from my travelling to Sweden and Italy.
First Sweden. It was my first time in Sweden. I am not a culture vulture. My path layed far from the capital with its museums and palaces. Here is the quite place where I spent a week.

Akvarellcenter in Dalarna.

I had a small group of 7 people. The topic was animals and portraits. Apart from many other courses we had a model - one of my students brought 3 dogs with her. One of them was sitting for us for a little while. Unfortunatelly the students didn`t take the advantage of a live model and after my demonstration returned to their printed samples.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Our course model.

As usual cat is the most popular object. I have panted a few as the demonstration.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Here is the most royal cat personality)

The students were trying their best. Sometimes they learnt something new... as well as myself.

Lisbeth is discovering about a portrait painting. The same as myself.

My students made me to paint my self-portrait which I haven`t done for the last 25 years! It was a chalange for me `couse I avoid noticing the changes coming to what I see in the mirror. Here I had to admit there were changes and I had to bring them out to the paper.