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Thursday, May 30, 2013


 Joseph Zbukvic

 Janine Gallizia

 Konstantin Kuzema

Konstantin Kuzema

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Workshop in Turkey

Friday, May 24, 2013

Urban Painting Tips

I`ve just finished a new painting after my Chinese impressions from my trip to III Nanjing International Exhibition last autumn. Here are some stages of my work - perhaps it could be useful...

Konstantin Sterkhov. Nanjing Station. 55x75 cm. 2013

Her is another painting of the same series of my travelling urban impressions. That one is from Dubai.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Fun By The Water. Burj Khalifa, Dubai. 55x75. 2013

Monday, May 20, 2013

New Arrival/My Interview Book

New book has arrived! Interview Book "Masters of Watercolor" including interviews with R. Wade, J. Yardley, A. Castagnet, J. Zbukvic, D. Taylor, G. Weixing, C.-K. Chee, Z. Tianya, Liu Yi, A. Matsoureff, J. Gallizia, W. Artin, C. Reid, L. Lerin, P. Lap, K. Kuzema, M. Ginzburg, M. Mulick, M. Toronen, M. Koskiniemi and F. Cembranelli. It contains dozens of painting images. The book is bilingual - Russian/English. Unfortunately it is not easy to get it)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1st World Watercolour Competition

Calling all artists!
Win USD$25,000 CASH
in The Art of Watercolour’s
1st World Watercolour Competition
The world's top watercolour magazine is now running one of the world's greatest watercolour competitions. Be a part of it!

No theme or size imposed. The competition is open to all artists; amateur and professional, from all nations. The top 20 entrants will have their work shown a prestigious exhibition in the south of France.
The main prizes (this list is not conclusive and none of the prizes are accumulative) :
 - The Jury’s Gold Award of Excellence : USD$12,000  + a major Portfolio article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazines (Acquisitive prize)
- The Jury’s Silver Award : USD$5,000 + a major article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazines.
- The Jury’s Bronze Award: USD$3,000 + a major article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazines.
- The Best French Artist Award : USD$ 2,000 + an article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazines. This prize is open to French artists only.
-  The best painting award for a painting valued under USD$1,000 : USD$1,000 + an article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle.
- The best amateur artist’s painting : USD$1,000 + an article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazines.
- The best young artist award (Open only to artists under 30 years of age) : USD$1,000 + an article in The Art of Watercolour and L’Art de l’Aquarelle magazines.
 Total prize money (excluding all merchandising): USD$25,000
This exhibition has four selection processes. The first selection will be conducted by the members of the magazine’s editing team. The following three stages will all be juried by a select panel of five highly recognized international judges : Xidan Chen (Artist & President of the International Watercolour Biennial, Shanghai, China), Tony Hunt (Artist & Vice-President of the Royal Watercolour Institute, England), Jim McFarlane (Artist & President of the American Watercolour Society, USA), Janine Gallizia (Artist, Art Director of The Art of Watercolour Magazine), Nicholas Simmons (Artist, USA).
Inscription to the competition is officially open.
To enter and for information visit our website  and click on "world watercolour competition" to apply for the competition.
 Accepted techniques: Paintings comprised predominantly of watercolour.
Participation of the first selection is free of charge.
Selection entries close: 30th October 2013
Good luck to you all and start painting !
The world's top watercolour magazine is now running one of the world's greatest watercolour competitions. Be a part of it!

Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial,China 2013-2014

of Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial,China 2013-2014.
Shenzhen, neighboring Hong Kong in South China, is one of the most
developed cities with a population of about 14 million. It is the
first Special Economic Zone and one of the four biggest cities in
China. Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial, currently one of
the two main international watercolor competitions in China, is a
non-profit-making international academic exhibition sponsored by the
government. After the close of the biennial, there will be a
five-city national travel exhibition.

Awards totaling is about US $80,000 in purchase, cash and
merchandise. It is also one of the highest awards in the world. The
main prizes are as follows.
1.Luohu Watercolor Prize about $9,732
2.Gold Prize about $8,100
3.Silver Prize about $6,480
4.Bronze Prize about $4,863
No entry fee. Accepted works may be shipped unframed and unmatted.
All framing and return postage will be at the expense of the host. 
A high-quality full color album of Accepted Works will be published.
Everyone whose paintings are selected will get one. We welcome all
of the prize winners to the ceremony. The host will provide for the
dinner and two-night hotel to all who attend the opening and award

All entries must be submitted online, email or CD received NO LATER
THAN JULY 20, 2013. (Beijing Time)
The attachment is the Prospectus and Entry Form. You may send this
Prospectus and Entry Form to other interested artists. They are also
available online at our website:
We are earnestly looking forward to your entry for our biennial.

Wendy Artin Exhibition

A message from Wendy Artin:

Dear Friends and Family,
Next Wednesday from 6:00 - 9:00 p.m. is the opening of Stone From Delphi at the American Academy in Rome, in via Angelo Masina 5.  Please come!  It will be a beautiful event!
Best wishes,

Cari Amici e Famiglia,
Mercoledì prossimo dalle 18:00 alle 21:00 ci sarà l'inaugurazione della mostra Stone From Delphi all'American Academy in Rome, a via Angelo Masina 5.  Venite!  Sarà un evento bellissimo!
A presto

Wendy Artin is an American artist who has made the classical world, in particular the architecture and statuary of her adopted city of Rome, the subject of a remarkable body of work. Skilled in drawing the figure, Artin says, “The statues of Antiquity are my favorite models.” Eric Fischl, who observed her drawing from live models, recounts, “I was unable to take my eyes off watching her work. I’d never seen anyone capture, with such fluid grace and comfort, the depth of observation of the human form the way she was able to do so quickly and so accurately in water-color.” In the words of American Academy in Rome president Adele Chatfield-Taylor, “she is a classically trained painter, but her work comes across as absolutely contemporary. Although her subject is Rome, a city thousands of years old, Wendy’s work is not a throwback.”

Wendy Artin

Born in Boston, Artin received a B.A. degree from the University of Pennsylvania in 1984 and an M.F.A. degree from the School of the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in 1990, with additional studies at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris, from 1982 to 1985. Throughout the 1980s, she traveled and drew in museums throughout Europe and Central America. Since 1993, she has had one-person exhibitions in Paris, New York, Boston, Milan, and Rome. In 2011 she exhibited a tour de force series of drawings of the Elgin Marbles at Gurari Collections, Boston, which published a catalogue, The Parthenon Friezes. She is currently an Art Advisor at the American Academy in Rome and began the drawings for Stone From Delphi in her studio there. She lives in Rome with her Italian husband Bruno Boschin, a bookseller, and their two children.

Wendy Artin

In finding the right artist for this new Seamus Heaney volume, the Press is indebted to the painter Eric Fischl for recommending an American artist he had met in Rome, the virtuoso watercolorist Wendy Artin. In May of 2012, Andrew Hoyem and Diana Ketcham visited Artin in Rome. During meetings at her home and at her studio at the American Academy, they explored the techniques she might use for this book.

Wendy Artin