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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Millind Mulick. Interview.

When I first have seen the painting by Millind Mulick I have not realized it had been done by a master from Pune, India. I always thought of Indian Art as something decorative.

Mr. Mulick, does your art come out of Indian tradition or it has more western influence? 
India has of course tradition of folk and decorative art. My art is essentially European,Western tradition and to be more specific British watercolor painters.

Is classical watercolor appreciated in India? What generally is the attitude to watercolor
painting in India?
There are mainly 2 schools of watercolor,The realist landscape painters mostly from Maharashtra and Bengal and traditional Bengal wash style.
Attitude to watercolor is they are appreciated very well yet collectors will not think much of them.

What inspires you the most? Painting life, museums, other masters works?
Life around of course and what my favorite painters have done so far as well.

Do you always paint in plain air or you use some materials to paint in studio?
I paint both ,to summarize 40 percent plein air and the rest in studio from sketches study and photographs. But essential material comes from plein air observations

What is art teaching for you? Do you prefer to pass your skills on or discover students personal capacities?
I teach them basic techniques so they don’t have to go through long process but beyond that I encourage them to discover their “style”

Would you recommend to young artists to experiment more or, rather to study shape, color, composition?
I would say both equally, absolutely

Can you tell about your artistic brands priorities? What paper, colour, ect do you use for your painting?
I use various papers from Indian handmade, Waterford, fabriano and Arches ,all c.p. mostly
Rare cases I experiment with H.P. or even Yupo paper.
The paint I use Indian manufactured “Camel” brand and rarely Winsor n Newton
Brushes mostly Indian made Mungooose hair which r almost as good as Kolinsky.

Do you have some general advise to those who starts or continues painting with watercolor?
There could be various advices like keep it up, study other artists, paint from life more .Be yourself..etc but currently my best advice is “Shut up and paint”


  1. Milind is an enigma!
    He's a blessing to the sable.


  2. wonderfull paintings.. i really liked

  3. I love the last advice
    “Shut up and paint”....
    That says everything...
    Love that advice

    Thanks Milind