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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Watercolor Perspective from Russia - K. Kuzema
A talented watercolor artist, widely recognized in Russia by watercolor lovers, representing the Saint-Petersburg watercolor society. He had been one of those who gave his efforts to revive the former Emperor Saint-Petersburg watercolor society after many decades of oblivion.

K. Kuzema. Evening Mood. 56x76. 2008

What the perspectives has watercolor medium? How had been changing the attitude to this medium during last years, last century in Russia?

Watercolor as medium has very misty perspective as the medium itself. Watercolors appeared long ago and considers “traditional” medium. Thus one shouldn`t expect a great support as if it was some up-to-date art. 
Also there is an opinion that watercolor technologies make defective product in cultural and material meanings. So we can`t expect adequate investment from the potential customers.
Such a situation doesn`t inspire young artists to become watercolorists. The World Watercolor Renaissance which had started in the end of the last century turned out a growth of watercolor popularity in home creativity.

Watercolor societies appeared a necessary but insufficient condition for uplifting the watercolor status in the system of cultural and material values. Nevertheless during the last 100 years, and particularly the last few decades watercolor techniques got strong up-grade from artists methodic and art materials. That gives a hope for watercolor surviving.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thomas W. Schaller - Interview

I met Thomas on Facebook, and I saw a few works by him in the Watercolor Magazine. Short time ago I realized that I would like to know more about the artist but the net gave me too poor information. Then I asked my qquestions directly to Thomas.

When you started painting with watercolor? Did you ever try some other medium?
    In University, I studied painting in oil, acrylic, as well as various methods of printmaking.  But it was in architecture school that I first became drawn to the watercolor medium. I studied in the traditional Beaux-Arts   methods of precise pencil line drawing  with the application of layered washes of transparent watercolor.  These techniques have always resonated with me; and while much adapted and evolved over the years, have  formed the basis for all my watercolor artwork since.

Thomas W. Schaller. Man and Beast. 20x13`

How far can you go in imagination when you paint a concrete landscape?

Wet Technique from E. Bazanova

Elena Bazanova is a watercolorist from Saint-Petersburg. She comes from the artists family. She is graduated from the Repin Academy of Fine Arts where she developed her academic watercolor aproach. Some of her technique we can see from this video.