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Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Painting in I Quindao International Salon

I am proud and honored to have 3 of my paintings exhibited in The Ist Quindao International Salon in China. The company of the artists there is great - Linda Baker, Kathlene Conover, Janine Gallizia, Ma Baiqi, Atanas Matsoureff, Laurin McCracken, Angus McEvan, Dean Mitchel, Ros Patersson, Ping Long, George Politis, David Poxon, John Salminene, Keiko Tanabe, David Taylor, Frank Webb, Joseph Zbukvic, Zhou Tianya, Stanislaw Zoladz...

Konstantin Sterkhov. Cool Spring. 55x75 cm. 2012

Konstantin Sterkhov. Cleaning Girl. India. 50x34 cm. 2013

Konstantin Sterkhov. Red Dress. 64x44 cm. 2011

Stipes Of Light - step-by-step

K. Sterkhov. Stripes Of Light. 42x55cm. 2014