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Monday, March 31, 2014

Painting Competition Hahnemühle

Painting Competition "contrasts" for the 2015 Hahnemühle Calendar
Enter Hahnemühle´s annual art contest! Create the 2015 Hahnemühle Art Calendar with the topic "Contrasts". We will be looking for the interplay of light and dark, colour and monochromatic or any other contrasting effects, with different materials and painting techniques to create the ultimate atmospheric artwork.
Entry is open to all individuals. The only requirement: Your image must be created on a paper by Hahnemühle or Lana. We look forward to receiving your high-contrast favourites. The closing date is June, 30 2014. The up-load portal and entry rules are online. The flyer is linked here.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Fresh and Bright

Peto Poghosyan. Above. 56x76 cm

Ping Long

Ping Long

Ping Long

Endre Penovac

JoanCochRey. Peniscola

Can Zhui Wei

IWS Young Artists Contest Results

International Watercolour Society, Turkey has hold a contest for young artists of age before 35 years old. Here I am sharing with you the results. As one of the jurors I am happy that some of the major winners match the same that I have selected.

 1 Place. Li Jia, 26 year old (CHINA). Swim. 52x98 cm

2 Place.Li Chao 24 years old, (CHINA). The Memory Of That Time. 76x110

3 Place Cai Ya Ming, 23years old (CHINA) Thinking Of Tomorrow. 120x80 sm

4 Place. Yang Di Jun, 24 years old (CHINA). The Peace Moment, 100x70sm

5 Place. Lin Chin Che, 27 years old (Taiwan). Memory Lane

6 Place. Lin Wei Xin, 35 years old (Taiwan) Lying Quietly

7 Place. Alexis Le Borgne, 18 years old (France). 61x48 sm

8 Place. Tian Yuan, 27 years old (CHINA) Golden Symphony. 106x75 sm

9 Place. Silvia Cusinato, 35 years old (Italy) New Year Day, 30x40sm

10 Place. Keiran Chang, 20 years old (Taiwan) When Pine Goes Nuts. 20x40 sm

I also would like to announce that International Watercolor Society is represented now in Russia. It is not considered yet who is going to represent the RU-brand of it but it will be shortly...

Tuesday, March 4, 2014