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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Liu Yi, watercolor artist

Liu Yi,Born in 1958. Graduated from Art Dept. of Shanghai Huadong Normal University.

Studied at the advanced training class of watercolor art of China Art Academy.
Taught at Shanghai Applied Technology Institute, Art & Design Institute. Former deputy director of Shanghai
Watercolor Research Society. Member of China’s National Artists Association and China’s Watercolor Artists Association

Liu Yi

 Major shows:
Created large size watercolor for Shanghai Concert Hall.
Held solo show at Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery
Participated in the 8th, 9th national fine art exhibitions and other major shows held in Shanghai Art Museum,
Suzhou Museum and shows in Hong Kong.

Monday, January 23, 2012

David Poxon - Interview, January 2012

Contemporary watercolour artist painting to achieve almost photo realistic effects using traditional multi glazing techniques with up to 17 layers of transparant paint. Deapth, tonal extremes, and luminosity are prevalent in all the works. In May 2010 David was elected into the Royal Institute of Painters in Watercolours (RI) whos home is the Mall Gallery ,London.

David Poxon. Another World 2.

David, after visiting of your gallery (works painted in 2011) I had a feeling that you spend a lot of time in garage or barn. How do you find your inspiration? What is the background of your artistic search?
I was born in the heartland of England at a time when there was a lot of heavy industry. My childhood was spent happily exploring this arena amongst the thousands of working people that lived and worked there . As a young boy my Grandmother gave me a box of watercolour paints, from that moment I was hooked on the wonders of painting. Through this I was able to discover a whole other world where anything is possible. Now I live in the countryside, but regularly visit old Industrial sites and Farmyards where there is an integrity and honesty in the daily struggle of working men and their machines. As nature reclaims these man made items for itself it creates its own beauty that could not be constructed other than through the passage of time.

David Poxon. Factory at Down.

All the objects of your painting look like actors, whom we see in the strong stage lights picking them from the darkness. They  remind  me the dramatic Caravaggio`s images. Do you have some references in history of Art?
I have been fortunate to have worked in the music industry and have traveled far and wide, working with some of the worlds greatest performers. There is a close synergy between all the great forms of artistic expression, and many musicians and artists  cross over between the disciplines. I do regard the subjects of my paintings as performers on a stage, and approach them with some reverence in order to portray them in their most flattering situation. I do this out of respect for their endurance. It is light that makes our world navigable, and to capture light in a painting is as mysterious as it is important. I purposefully leave nothing out of my painting that is not there in reality, and put nothing in that is not there, seen, or felt. I am not after a quick impression of the subject, I am after a greater exploration to somehow get to the essence of a time and place, to try to get to the soul of a subject is tremendously joyful.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Watercolor of the Day. Random.

Richard Thorn. Venezia Romantica.

Christopher St Leger

Arnold Lowry

Cao Bei_An. Aqua 12

Javid Tabatabaii

Hilde Eilertsen Svetvold. Nord

Watercolor Of The Day

Catherine De Ryck. Sleeping Gardian. Arches, 640 g, 2011

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jeannie McGuire _Interview

Dear friends! This is a first post in 2012! I tried to make it a real present to you all - it is an interview with an artist I noticed last year in several magazines, and decided to ask my questions. Here are the answers!

Jeannie, does your personal artistic style comes more from design or Fine Art? 
Design is an important element of my work.  My composition and drawing become the bones of the painting.  Then as I paint I continue to focus on the design, directional lines and shapes that encourage the viewers eye to move about the piece.

 Jeannie McGuire. Green Gloves. 22x30

When you start painting, do you have a fixed idea of what you wish to get as a result? 
Often I have an idea of a mood or story I would like to develop.  Sometimes I accomplish that goal amid a great amount of changing my mind along the way.

 Jeannie McGuire.. Birthday. 16x24

What do you think of flexibility of an artist?
Is it important to be able to change the path if the process turns some other way from planned?  Artists' must give themselves that flexibility, freedom to change the path otherwise their work would not grow.

 Jeannie McGuire. Coral. 18x14

Your images look so nostalgic. They are like parts of someone`s memories or dreams. How do you chose the image for painting? 
Old photographs and casual snapshots that we all have in our photo albums are appealing on many levels but mostly I'm intriqued with gestures, expressions and clothing styles during the 1900's.