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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Liu Yi, watercolor artist

Liu Yi,Born in 1958. Graduated from Art Dept. of Shanghai Huadong Normal University.

Studied at the advanced training class of watercolor art of China Art Academy.
Taught at Shanghai Applied Technology Institute, Art & Design Institute. Former deputy director of Shanghai
Watercolor Research Society. Member of China’s National Artists Association and China’s Watercolor Artists Association

Liu Yi

 Major shows:
Created large size watercolor for Shanghai Concert Hall.
Held solo show at Shanghai Grand Theater Gallery
Participated in the 8th, 9th national fine art exhibitions and other major shows held in Shanghai Art Museum,
Suzhou Museum and shows in Hong Kong.

Liu Yi

“Sacred Music” won Excellence Award of the 10th National Fine Art Exhibition
“Ballet” won “Charles-Outstanding Personnel Award” at Annual Exhibition by Canadian National Watercolor Association
“Flight” won Bronze award at art show sponsored by the government
“Melody of the Heart” won silver award at a national small size watercolor paintings exhibition
“Cherry Flowers” won Excellence Award at National Pastel Show

  Liu Yi

Won other awards at various watercolor shows.
“Sacred Music” collected by China’s National Art Museum
“Hometown” successfully auctioned by Sotheby’s in 1995.

Liu Yi

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