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Friday, June 30, 2017

First Russian Watercolor Class in Hong Kong

This is going to be something new. My first and generally the first Russian watercolor workshop and solo exhibition in Hong Kong. Welcome, my friends!

Watercolor workshop in Italy

Hi guys! There are still a couple of sits for my workshop in Italy in beautiful Fabriano!
The topics are extremely spectacular - CATS, ROSES and PORTRAITS.
3 days of getting to know ALL effective aproaches in painting these themes.
Contact Anna Massinissa

 K.Sterkhov. Duo. 35x53 cm, 2017

K. Sterkhov. After breakfast. 35x53 cm. 2017

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Seamless Expression - super blog!

Its a wonderful resourse for those who wants to learn more about watercolor painting. Stephen Berry who runs the blog is doing very detailed reviews on various watercolor lessons with deep understanding of difficulties of mastering watercolor technique.

Just now he made a review on my relatively new video that is available on demand on Vimeo. Enjoy reading and watching!
Read here:

Watch here:

Konstantin Sterkhov. Noon Nap. 27x37 cm. 2016

Also available the following tutorials: Reflections

Konstantin Sterkhov. Quiet Dusk. 27x37 cm. 2016 Cool Summer

Konstantin Sterkhov. Cool Summer. 27x37 cm. 2016