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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New DVD+Book Available

1st DVD+Book from series is out now. There are 7 lessons in the book with stages and comments and 5 full video demos in DVD. It is printed and recorded both in Russian and English.

I have limited number of copies. I am not sure about Mac acceptance but it should work on any regular DVD-player and PC. The price is 30 euro including shipping. To purchase write to me to
I am available till the end of this week, then 1 week in Swedish forest without internet access - a workshop in Akvarellcenter, Dalarna. 


  1. I was happy I watched all the work on the blog. I really like them!Congratulations of the book!

  2. Све је прелепо!!! Веома сам заинтересована,пратим редовно Ваше акварел слике на youtube. Поздрав из Србије :) Сања Јарић