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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Flowers From Finland

I just came back from 2 summer courses those I was teaching in Finland. Here some painting I made as a demonstration at the course.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Roses. 25x35. 2011

It`s always a great deal to make a dosen student to understand and master watercolor technique within 5 days. At least half of them took a brush after 30-years break or had never been taken it before.
Every summer the program of these courses combined all possible topics for painting. Within 5 days students learnt how to paint seascape, sky, landscape, flowers, cityscape, animals and portrait in watercolor. The creative atmosphere of the course helps me to develop and improve a system of combining a demonstration in a studio with guiding students work in plein-air.

Konstantin Sterkhov. Rocks and Splashes. 20x30. 2011.
The general plan of the 5 day course was like that. First came the air and water. These objects helped students to relax and use a lot of water without thinking of details. They could actually better feel the watercolor technique and take care only of transparency, color and freshness. It gave them a general idea of watercolor  and they kept to it when they painted more complicated topics.
The next was landscape and greenery. There was a lot of nice scenery around the college. You could find the student everywhere painting the surroundings. The trick here was to teach them harmonize the bright colors and to keep the work fresh. The day of painting flowers looked like a celebration of something. Students brought bunches of flowers from their gardens or from the fields, flowers were in bouquets and single in many vases everywhere in the studio and outside. Students were examining the living beauty and transforming it into colors and shape.
Konstantin Sterkhov. Sacura: pinks and greys.

In the end of every course we have an exhibition were both a teacher and students get a lot to learn from each other. The next course will be in Sweden. Looking forward the new experience! The topic is animals and portraits.
Konstantin Sterkhov. Cat and Side Light. 25x35. 2011.

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  1. I am enjoying your muted colors. Very sweet kitty!