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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Lars Lerin. Interview

Great and mysterious artist from Sweden Lars Lerin. He has published many books but is not very much represented in internet. Enjoy this rare opportunity!

Was it a “love from a first sight” when you discovered watercolor medium?

No, i started with oil and graphic tecniques, like wood cut and etchings. It grew from there, it was like an attraction or love that get stronger. I noticed slowly it was my medium.

You are often using textures and writing in your watercolors. Do you consider watercolor a painting or graphic medium?

Both, the writing is just to give an other dimension, association to diary, letters- and for me also a way of making the picture richer, more alive.

Lars Lerin. Cityscape. 100x150 cm. 2011

Can you describe a working process on a painting?

it various from straight impressions to more complexe rooms, where i stop and return, let it be and then start again after some time for a more fresh view ...

Lars Lerin. Winter landscape. 100x150 cm.

Do you have some theory about colors?

i got some knowledges from school that still bother me sometimes. all rulse are made to break. But i am thankful for the good teachers i met.

Lars Lerin. Cathedral. 100x150 cm. 2010

What is the part of imagination in your work?

that is for the viewer to decide, I just follow my intuition and try to paint what i see or what i have seen or felt ...

Lars Lerin. Library. 150x300 cm. 2011

Do you more appeal to your memories, fresh live impressions or reference photos?

its a mix of everything, depends on what i do at the moment

What are your preference in colors (brands), brushes (size, shape, material), paper (quality, brand)?

nothing spectacular, just the usual material that you can read about in most litterature

Lars Lerin. Night. 100x150 cm

Did you have some artists who would influence you when you started painting with watercolor?

Many , many- maybe not specific watercolur painters - but classic and contemperary artits that i like. From Munch to Sidney Nolan ...

Do you have some followers, or school of painting maintaining your watercolor approach?

i have noticed that i ve got followers, but all of them just focus on teqnics and motives. that is a dead end. 

Lars Lerin. At Home. 100x150cm 2011

most inspiration:
i dont need any special inputs apart from nature itself. Painting and working with pictures (and words) is my way of dealing with life, a daily kind of meditation, routine. To be happy i need to work, its a gift... i am my own student

most important:
tecnic is a provided, basis- like a piano playser that needs tp practise, but it ´s means nothing without soul, emotion, love, impression, expression.Luckily i dont need to wait for ideas to come

Lars Lerin. Part of Light in the East. 206x461cm 2010

imagination ...
i dont know, i just do what i do, trust, faith, intuition

change in water colour:
i dont see water colour painting as different from any other way of contemperary arts. if it has any importans it must come from your heart, to be "open" ...

Lars Lerin

Do you have a message to a new generation?

not really, just follow your heart and keep an open mind

Lars Lerin. Birds.

Does the audience opinion mean a lot for you?

not any more. I just do it to be happy and hopefully surprise myself in the studio


  1. thanks for posting this and the work of other artists! Very interesting and inspiring!

  2. Lars Lerin is the most important Scandinavian aquarellist. A new Lars Lerin museum will be opened this summer in Karlstad, Sweden. I admire the magnificent light in his paintings and I agree with Lars that technical skills mean nothing if a painting lacks soul and emotion.

  3. I am very lucky to get his interview! Thank you Marja!

  4. most fascinating watercolorist working today, IMO. spasibo Kostya!!!

  5. There is a wonderful film of Lars Lerin showing at cinema in Stockholm at the moment.