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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My General Questions to You

What is your opinion?
1. where would you better go for a workshop with me: Turkey (cheaper) or Florence?
2. if you go, which month would you choose: May-June or September?
3. would it be interesting at all?

Just your opinion, you are not obliged to go if you response:)


  1. и то и другое интересно... я бы, например, поехала б на оба пленэра, но лучше в июне в связи с отпуском на это время

  2. Ciao, I prefer Turcha, in september,I think can be interesting for a lot people...
    I have been in Turchia about 10 years ago and I found that country
    wonderful for the colours and the places...very good to paint all
    Ciao, ciao, Floriana

  3. I will start with the third one ;

    - Yes, it would be interesting.
    -May, June is the best months but almost everyone have things to do maybe for some people it can be hard to join.But i prefer June.
    -Turkey is cheaper and i think better, if you planned early and tell about workshop for lots of people.I am also new graduated traditional artist and living in istanbul.If you have questions about something i can answer.

  4. Thank you, dear friends, for your kind replies. They are very useful!